FRC LA Regional 2017


Even though we were ranked 14th after the end of qualifying round, we didn’t get selected by any alliances for playoffs. It was heartbreaking. We made a lot of improvements to the robot and were able to deliver gears and climb reliably. But we need to understand the logic behind the way team captains choose the alliances and why they didn’t pick us but picked much lower ranked teams. Our communications team tried to make friends with other teams, but that didn’t help. Guess we lacked in our PR efforts.

Another thing lacking is that the team itself is not convinced that they are strong contenders. We have come a long way from a couple of years ago, maybe even from last year when we were happy if we just made it out of the last 20 teams. We were so happy if we got the autonomous mode working. But this time, our robot can perform all functions, some more reliably than others. But the team still lacks the confidence to go to other teams’ pit area, ask them about their robot’s functions, talk to them about the strategy and just show them that we are strong contenders for alliances.

Anyways, we still need to continue making improvements. Both to our robot and our team’s confidence. Looking forward to Irvine.