Slipper Wars

A couple of weekends ago during our usual masti time, Avi and/or Akshna hid my slippers. This happens most of the time as they come into the room and while I’m distracted talking to them or something, they sneak out with my slippers and hide them. I only come to realize later on when I get off the bed.

So that weekend when they did that, I found their slippers lying around while doing masti with them. I took that opportunity and hid their slippers. I told them that I would give them theirs if they give me mine. Obviously when Tina found out about all this, she wasn’t very happy :).

This went on for a couple of days and we had to make do with either walking barefoot or using backup slippers. But eventually I found one and then we exchanged the slippers, quid pro quo.

I’d say that Avi’s hiding places have become more sophisticated and usually I don’t even try to find them. So now, there’s a chance that that slipper wars would get escalated every time they start. It’s getting to be a lot of fun. 🙂


Time travel confuses me!

There are some kids books that Avi has been reading which have time travel. Yesterday at dinner, he said to me really intensely, “Time travel really confuses me” to the point of tearing up. We talked about it a few days ago as well. I talked to him about how it might happen if it could happen. I thought about it myself, and asked him to think about what it means to time travel. If you could time travel, it means that we have infinite copies of time for every infinitesimally small time value. When time goes on, the universe just “passes” from one of those copies into another. “passes” is a very loose term, it just means that there is this concept of current copy which means current time and that current copy changes as time goes on.  To time travel, you somehow just jump from one of those copies to another. Let’s say you jump into a copy from past, the problem is how do you continue to exist into the copies that came after the one in which you jumped. Because originally, there was only 1 of you in that copy, but for you to continue to exist, the copies that came after that need to also have these extra ‘you’.

So we talked about it some more and both of us got confused.

It’s a little surprising, in a good way that he’s spending all that brain power to try to understand it. The one thing I hope he learns from this is how to analyze and break down a seemingly complex problem and know what the unknowns are.

Book Bug

In Avi’s current class (and school-wide), a lot of importance is given to reading. Avi is required to read atleast 20 mins every day and write a log. He started on a series of books called “Bailey School Kids”. And he’s loving them. He has already finished all the books in that series available in the school library. His 1st trimester goal was to earn 20 AR points, and he finished at 59!


We went to the Orange library a couple of weeks ago and he got about 10 books. That whole weekend, he spent most of his time reading.

This is amazing. I’m so proud and glad. I remember exactly which book gave me the reading bug. It was The Hardy Boys: Billion Dollar Ransom. I remember going to the local library and finishing up all the Hardy Boys’ books and then moving on to other mystery books, specially by Enid Blyton. I also remember being able to write school essays very creatively and getting recognition and great grades. I remember Mrs. Dutta (must’ve been around 8-9th grade) once singled out an essay I had written to the whole class and asked me that I must be reading outside the school books. I said yes and that I loved to read mystery books.

I truly believe that one of the reasons of being where I am is because of the love of reading. I believe that reading widens your imagination and gives you the ability to express yourself articulately. And that ability helps you learn better and grow better. And that’s why I couldn’t be happier to see Avi immerse himself so much in this. I’m going to keep fueling his desire to read, which means going to the local library every so often and buying as many books as possible.

Lego Ninjago and Rounding off to nearest 20

One of Avi’s tooth fell and he got 5 bucks from tooth fairy. This put him a little closer to having enough for a Lego Ninjago set that he really wanted. So I told him that we could go to Vons and get money for all the coins he has saved in his money bank.

Yesterday, when I checked his homework folder, I saw a few practice problems that he worked on which involved rounding off to the nearest 10 or 100. This gave me an idea. While coming back from swimming and while going to Vons to exchange all the coins, I asked him if he wanted to make a deal. I said that whatever money he gets from his coin bank, I’ll round it to the nearest 20. I told him that it’s a risk for him, because if he gets $9 or $29, he’d be getting $0 or $20, which means he’d be losing money. But if he gets $11 or something like that, he’d get $20 and basically more money that he actually had. He thought about it a little and after a little prodding, said yes.

I could see that he was a little antsy when the machine started displaying the value because most of the coins he had in his money bank were pennies. It went up to 8 dollars and then it just was increasing penny by penny. The final amount he got was 8.44. Not enough to round to $20 so he’d end up with 0. I could see that he was getting sad and asked him if he knew what it meant. He said that it meant he’d get $20. I asked him what the nearest 20 value is to 8.44 and after a little repetition, he admitted that it is $0. I knew from the start that if it comes out to this, I’d give him the 20 bucks, but there’s 2 things that I wanted him to learn:

1. Taking risks: It was almost a gamble for him but he should be willing to take a few risks in his life. I hope this didn’t discourage him and also that it taught him about the risk/reward aspects of such a gamble.

2. Rounding off: When putting in the context of real money that he was hoping to use to buy a much wanted toy, I think it helped him learn better how rounding off to a nearest value works.



Last night as I put you to bed and was folding your clothes to put back in closet, I found some pieces of M&Ms in your pant pocket. As I dug them out, I had an instant smile on and my heart was filled with pleasure. It just felt so amazing as I imagined you procuring those pieces of candy from somewhere (probably coaxing your mother to buy from a candy machine) and the pleasure it might have given you at that time to be the proud owner of those. And then you saved that treasure in your pocket which holds all kinds of things that you want to cherish over again sometime in near future. And then running around as you found something interesting, you forgot about that until next time when you put your hands in pocket – with immense joy as you as you come across the buried and forgotten treasure. I went through all the joys of childhood in those few minutes and I hope you go through those as well as you grow up everyday.

I put them back in your pocket hoping to be with you when you put your hands in there…

IMG_7132 IMG_1049