My Jeans

Yesterday after Akshna took shower, I was putting cream on her and she was her usual chirpy way. She looked at my jeans and said, “Papa I like your jeans. When I grow up, can I keep your jeans?”. I looked at her and she seemed semi-serious and I imagined the time when she’s grown up and looks back at her childhood fondly. Looking at the keepsakes from her childhood, she remembers the happy and fun memories and feels good about them.

*love brimming over*


Slipper Wars

A couple of weekends ago during our usual masti time, Avi and/or Akshna hid my slippers. This happens most of the time as they come into the room and while I’m distracted talking to them or something, they sneak out with my slippers and hide them. I only come to realize later on when I get off the bed.

So that weekend when they did that, I found their slippers lying around while doing masti with them. I took that opportunity and hid their slippers. I told them that I would give them theirs if they give me mine. Obviously when Tina found out about all this, she wasn’t very happy :).

This went on for a couple of days and we had to make do with either walking barefoot or using backup slippers. But eventually I found one and then we exchanged the slippers, quid pro quo.

I’d say that Avi’s hiding places have become more sophisticated and usually I don’t even try to find them. So now, there’s a chance that that slipper wars would get escalated every time they start. It’s getting to be a lot of fun. 🙂

You too!

When Akshna was leaving for school, I gave her a hug and a kiss and told her, “Have fun, be a good girl”. She replied, “You too” and burst out laughing. She couldn’t stop laughing when telling Tina, “Mamma, I told papa to be a good girl”.

Small science

Recently, Avi and Akshna got some balloons. And recently having learned that if they rub them on the hair, they get some static charge and can be stuck to walls, they got all the balloons to stick to one of the walls.

I asked Akshna to do an experiment. Since one of the balloons had just enough helium left to float mid way in the air, I asked her to cut some of the thread and see what happens. When I got back home last evening, she said she had done it. I asked her what happened, and she said it went up a little bit. I asked her why would that balloon go up. And she correctly theorized that it’s because the balloon got a little lighter.

I told her she was a scientist now, and she laughed and got all silly.


Akshna had her first tooth come out yesterday. We were at a local fair with Kaustabh and family and after that we went to Olive Garden for dinner. At parking, she came running to me and very excitedly, showed me her tooth. Needless to say, she was very excited about that. The tooth was carefully wrapped in a napkin and placed on her bed’s side table. The tooth fairy had to struggle to find $5 cash lying around, but eventually it was handled and the money placed appropriately.

I’m calling her “toothless” for now.



6 years old and suddenly taller

We celebrated Akshna’s 6th birthday party today, at Oak Canyon Nature Park. Same place we did last 2 years as well. With temperature in 90s during the week, we were very concerned about how it’ll go in the park. But thankfully, it wasn’t as bad. It was breezy and cool under the shade. We went for a small hike and then got to touch some animals.

I remember when Akshna woke up on her birthday on 24th, she stood up next to me and said, “Papa, I think I grew taller today”. She compared her height to me and asserted that she had grown taller now that she’s 6.

My little Princess Leia

I came back from google in-person interview on Friday (5/16). It went well overall. Out of 5 interviews, I managed to horribly screw up only 1. Atleast that’s what I think. We’ll see how they thought when the results come out.

I got a book in Disney’s “Frozen” for Akshna from San Jose. Today in the morning when it was time for Tina to make her hair, Akshna asked her to make it like Anna’s. She showed the picture of Anna to her.

Tina complied. And the results were very cute. Akshna ended up looking like Princess Leia from Star Wars. Will add a pic later.