How I Built this – Zappos

This week’s episode is on Zappos and Tony Hseih:

The podcast touched upon the factors of Zappos’ success but  didn’t go into what exactly it was about their culture and caring for their customers that turned it into a successful company.

A couple of noteworthy quotes from this podcast:

  • Tony says: “sometimes people ask me what my definition of success is and I would say for me it’s getting to a point where you’re truly ok with losing everything you have”
  • He says one of the ways he fights his introversion is by forcing himself to do something uncomfortable every single day. And the day we spoke with him, he decided to dye his hair red and spike it up into a mohawk.

My Jeans

Yesterday after Akshna took shower, I was putting cream on her and she was her usual chirpy way. She looked at my jeans and said, “Papa I like your jeans. When I grow up, can I keep your jeans?”. I looked at her and she seemed semi-serious and I imagined the time when she’s grown up and looks back at her childhood fondly. Looking at the keepsakes from her childhood, she remembers the happy and fun memories and feels good about them.

*love brimming over*