Slipper Wars

A couple of weekends ago during our usual masti time, Avi and/or Akshna hid my slippers. This happens most of the time as they come into the room and while I’m distracted talking to them or something, they sneak out with my slippers and hide them. I only come to realize later on when I get off the bed.

So that weekend when they did that, I found their slippers lying around while doing masti with them. I took that opportunity and hid their slippers. I told them that I would give them theirs if they give me mine. Obviously when Tina found out about all this, she wasn’t very happy :).

This went on for a couple of days and we had to make do with either walking barefoot or using backup slippers. But eventually I found one and then we exchanged the slippers, quid pro quo.

I’d say that Avi’s hiding places have become more sophisticated and usually I don’t even try to find them. So now, there’s a chance that that slipper wars would get escalated every time they start. It’s getting to be a lot of fun. 🙂