I recently started listening to the StoryCorps podcast. Some of them are really touching and some heartwarming, or both. Just wanted to share the most recent one, related to holiday season:

It got me thinking about how I want to be remembered by my family. I write in this blog, I have some letters which I wrote to Tina back when we were in school, college, I have another work related blog, facebook, twitter and instagram posts, and then there are the numerous discussions and conversations I have had with Tina, the kids, my family in India and friends and colleagues. That’s my personal legacy. That’s my circle of people who have interacted with me, influenced me and I have influenced. How would they remember me if I were gone tomorrow?

How about this: All I want my legacy to be is a StoryCorps conversation between Tina and the kids, where they talk about good and bad times we had, and reminisce the times we spent together. And hopefully they have a smile on their face when they do that.