I recently started listening to the StoryCorps podcast. Some of them are really touching and some heartwarming, or both. Just wanted to share the most recent one, related to holiday season:

It got me thinking about how I want to be remembered by my family. I write in this blog, I have some letters which I wrote to Tina back when we were in school, college, I have another work related blog, facebook, twitter and instagram posts, and then there are the numerous discussions and conversations I have had with Tina, the kids, my family in India and friends and colleagues. That’s my personal legacy. That’s my circle of people who have interacted with me, influenced me and I have influenced. How would they remember me if I were gone tomorrow?

How about this: All I want my legacy to be is a StoryCorps conversation between Tina and the kids, where they talk about good and bad times we had, and reminisce the times we spent together. And hopefully they have a smile on their face when they do that.



Facebook as a social media platform is becoming irrelevant to me. I don’t login very often, but once in a while when I do, I feel sorry that I did. All I see is people shouting their opinions in each other’s face. I feel that it amplifies the extreme positions and intolerance. Not much room for posting family pictures and things happening in your life. Not much room for me.

Small science

Recently, Avi and Akshna got some balloons. And recently having learned that if they rub them on the hair, they get some static charge and can be stuck to walls, they got all the balloons to stick to one of the walls.

I asked Akshna to do an experiment. Since one of the balloons had just enough helium left to float mid way in the air, I asked her to cut some of the thread and see what happens. When I got back home last evening, she said she had done it. I asked her what happened, and she said it went up a little bit. I asked her why would that balloon go up. And she correctly theorized that it’s because the balloon got a little lighter.

I told her she was a scientist now, and she laughed and got all silly.

Akshna’s night time boogie

I don’t know where she learned this but sometimes before sleeping, Akshna says that she needs to do her night time boogie. And then she gets on the side of the bed, putting her hands and body on the bed, and jumps up and down saying, “Boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie, boogieeeeeee”. And then she’s done.

I asked her where she learned that. Avi said from him, because he used to do that. But Akshna said he used to do that some other time, she started with this idea of doing it during bedtime.