Miramar Air Show

We have lived long enough in Southern California to have gotten accustomed to some yearly events that we all go to. Like the Miramar Air Show and the NASA JPL Open House. This year, the air show was a little better because we learned our lesson from last year’s sweltering heat and went prepared. We all had sun hats, sunglasses and 2-3 umbrellas and a rolling cooler packed with fluids. Oh, and we also had those water spray bottles with fan.

Avi had been asking for a camera and I gave him a not so old digital camera that had been out of circulation since iPhones took over all of our handheld photography. It is a pretty decent camera, with enough features to keep him engaged for a while. He took it with him and took a lot of pictures and videos of the performances. It felt good to see him take care of it and learn how to use it. He is a good learner and it’s great to see him learn new things as he grows up. Akshna also has a toy video camera which she asked me to charge so she can use it.

At the airshow, there were the Patriots team, a solo F-35 performance, performances by Breitling Jet team and obviously the crowd favorites, the Blue Angels.