Time travel confuses me!

There are some kids books that Avi has been reading which have time travel. Yesterday at dinner, he said to me really intensely, “Time travel really confuses me” to the point of tearing up. We talked about it a few days ago as well. I talked to him about how it might happen if it could happen. I thought about it myself, and asked him to think about what it means to time travel. If you could time travel, it means that we have infinite copies of time for every infinitesimally small time value. When time goes on, the universe just “passes” from one of those copies into another. “passes” is a very loose term, it just means that there is this concept of current copy which means current time and that current copy changes as time goes on.  To time travel, you somehow just jump from one of those copies to another. Let’s say you jump into a copy from past, the problem is how do you continue to exist into the copies that came after the one in which you jumped. Because originally, there was only 1 of you in that copy, but for you to continue to exist, the copies that came after that need to also have these extra ‘you’.

So we talked about it some more and both of us got confused.

It’s a little surprising, in a good way that he’s spending all that brain power to try to understand it. The one thing I hope he learns from this is how to analyze and break down a seemingly complex problem and know what the unknowns are.