Smoke detector duck hunt

Last weekend, one of the smoke alarms started chirping every minute or so, indicating that battery was about to go. After careful listening and staring at them at various locations, I narrowed it down to the one in office. Found out that it takes the 9 volt batteries which of course we didn’t have. Went to Ralph’s and got it.

Confirmed by another round of staring and listening intently that it was the office one. Got up the step ladder and replaced it. After about a minute, it chirped again. Considered my options:

1. New battery was no good: least likely, but worth considering after exhausting all possibilities.

2. Wrong smoke detector, maybe it’s the one in the bedroom that’s chirping: Yet another round of staring and intent listening, enrolled Avi as well in the hunt. Checked downstairs to be double sure, the sound was definitely coming from upstairs. Checked different areas within upstairs, it was definitely coming from office area. Checked bedroom and office. It was most probably coming from office one.

3. It wasn’t chirping because of battery, something else was wrong: disconnected the smoke detector from the wires and left it on the desk. Still heard the chirp. Not sure if it was supposed to chirp even when disconnected. Weirded out at this point.

Was sitting in the bedroom, considering replacing the battery of that room’s smoke detector as well. Then suddenly, it flashed to me that there was a extra CO detector that we had bought at Costco and were using in old house. It was lying in one of the boxes in office. In an instant, rummaged through the boxes and found the culprit. It was that alarm that had been chirping the whole time. Replaced batteries and enjoyed the chirp-free existence after lamenting the stupidity and idiocy for a few brief seconds.