Furball’s Adventure

It’s not that I don’t like my cage. It has everything I need – fluffy bedding that keeps me warm and dry, a mini igloo that I can crawl under when I want to sleep, a wheel to help me exercise and lots of food and water. It even has a lookout box that I can crawl into. It’s a wonderful house. But…you do get tempted when you find that the cover of one of the entries (or is that exit, I can never tell) is loose. And because of the fact that I am really good at climbing on the walls of the cage, getting to that opening wasn’t a big deal at all for me.

I felt so excited to be out of the cage, even though I was a bit scared as well. But I felt that I just had to explore – to see what’s out there. When I was sitting on the top of my cage, the whole room looked so big. My cage generally stays next to the kitchen, from where I can see Avi and Akshna when they are playing in living room. I can also smell all the wonderful smells when Mom cooks what smells like yummy food. But now that it was night time and I was wide awake and ready to explore the world, all of the rest of the members of my household must be fast asleep. So it was time to explore for me.

I carefully jumped down from the box. I immediately realized that this was going to be a great adventure. I could sense it. All the things that I previously could only see and dream about. It almost felt like I could even fly, if I wanted to. I smelled around and followed the faint but delicious smell.

The doll house and behind the TV cabinet and toys.

Under the sofa. It was getting brighter and was feeling sleepy. I turned around from the sofa but couldn’t go any further because there was a wall. I just kept going until the wall gave way. It must be the way to head back to my cage.


In the laundry room, feeling so sleepy. Found a dark spot and went to sleep.

heard a very loud scream that woke me up. I was confused about what’s going on and suddenly a hand tried to grab me. I didn’t know what was going on so I just ran. But it tried to grab me again and this time I had to just wiggle to get out of it.