Big Hero 6

Yesterday, we went to see the new Disney movie, Big Hero 6. The movie was nice, and even more amazing to me was that the moment Avi stepped out of the movie, he told me he’d really want to go to a school like that where they build cool stuff like robots etc. If that’s the only thing he takes from the movie, I’d be very satisfied.

The movie is about a young kid who loves to build robots. His elder brother convinces him to apply to his school so he can channel his creative energy into building something useful. The kid is convinced when he goes to see the lab where his brother works. Isn’t that an ideal situation, where kids with amazing creative talent can be inspired to use it to build something useful? In real world, it’s not that easy but something that we continuously strive to achieve. And I’m going to continue to do that with Avi and Akshna. Building their creative instincts is the start, helping them channel them into something useful is the end goal. If what they create changes the world in a good way, that will be gravy.