Mission accomplished

Waking up at 4am with Avi to see Jupiter, setting up the telescope and seeing Jupiter’s faint red bands and it’s three moons (Callisto, Ganymede and Io. Europa was hiding behind the big planet). Awesome.

I said “mission accomplished” and Avi agreed.


Book Bug

In Avi’s current class (and school-wide), a lot of importance is given to reading. Avi is required to read atleast 20 mins every day and write a log. He started on a series of books called “Bailey School Kids”. And he’s loving them. He has already finished all the books in that series available in the school library. His 1st trimester goal was to earn 20 AR points, and he finished at 59!


We went to the Orange library a couple of weeks ago and he got about 10 books. That whole weekend, he spent most of his time reading.

This is amazing. I’m so proud and glad. I remember exactly which book gave me the reading bug. It was The Hardy Boys: Billion Dollar Ransom. I remember going to the local library and finishing up all the Hardy Boys’ books and then moving on to other mystery books, specially by Enid Blyton. I also remember being able to write school essays very creatively and getting recognition and great grades. I remember Mrs. Dutta (must’ve been around 8-9th grade) once singled out an essay I had written to the whole class and asked me that I must be reading outside the school books. I said yes and that I loved to read mystery books.

I truly believe that one of the reasons of being where I am is because of the love of reading. I believe that reading widens your imagination and gives you the ability to express yourself articulately. And that ability helps you learn better and grow better. And that’s why I couldn’t be happier to see Avi immerse himself so much in this. I’m going to keep fueling his desire to read, which means going to the local library every so often and buying as many books as possible.

Cold Germs

Akshna has a cold. Yesterday, she told me, “So you can kiss me but I can’t kiss you, right? Otherwise you’ll get cold germs too!”. I told her that I’d take having cold germs over not getting the kisses anytime.

Big Hero 6

Yesterday, we went to see the new Disney movie, Big Hero 6. The movie was nice, and even more amazing to me was that the moment Avi stepped out of the movie, he told me he’d really want to go to a school like that where they build cool stuff like robots etc. If that’s the only thing he takes from the movie, I’d be very satisfied.

The movie is about a young kid who loves to build robots. His elder brother convinces him to apply to his school so he can channel his creative energy into building something useful. The kid is convinced when he goes to see the lab where his brother works. Isn’t that an ideal situation, where kids with amazing creative talent can be inspired to use it to build something useful? In real world, it’s not that easy but something that we continuously strive to achieve. And I’m going to continue to do that with Avi and Akshna. Building their creative instincts is the start, helping them channel them into something useful is the end goal. If what they create changes the world in a good way, that will be gravy.