Smiles and Awe

At LAX waiting for the flight to India. The international terminal had been under construction for a long time and now it’s open. The remodeling brought some huge displays. I have a lady sitting next to me who mentioned the display was quite lovely. It did inspire awe.

But what I felt missing is the smile. The man who checked the boarding pass at security check, the lady who took my food order at umami burger, and others were all missing the smiles. I wonder what it would take to bring that and I wonder all the money spent in the remodeling and where else it could have been used better. Or was it worth it to inspire awe rather than bring smiles?

Boarding starting now. Still waiting to hear from google.




My little Princess Leia

I came back from google in-person interview on Friday (5/16). It went well overall. Out of 5 interviews, I managed to horribly screw up only 1. Atleast that’s what I think. We’ll see how they thought when the results come out.

I got a book in Disney’s “Frozen” for Akshna from San Jose. Today in the morning when it was time for Tina to make her hair, Akshna asked her to make it like Anna’s. She showed the picture of Anna to her.

Tina complied. And the results were very cute. Akshna ended up looking like Princess Leia from Star Wars. Will add a pic later.



“Now I have to act like Papa”

My prep for Google on-site is going full steam. I have no idea where to start or end. So I’m just reviewing whatever comes in front of me – design patterns, Programming Pearls book, programming interviews exposed book, Iterators, Comparators, dynamic programming, graph problems. It’s endless and I’m clueless. Hopefully something clicks during my interview and I’m able to approach the problems rationally.

Anyways, today was Mother’s day. Avi and Akshna helped make breakfast in the morning for mom. I asked Avi to crack the egg and as I was handing it to him, it slipped off both of our hands and fell into the bowl and cracked itself. Job well done. Thankfully, the rest of the breakfast was uneventful.

We also made dinner – chicken burgers and grilled veggies. Avi and Akshna helped too. When we were done, Akshna was cleaning the table and dropped a glassful of lemonade on the table, which made its way to where Avi was sitting, enjoying his desert (ice cream with caramel). He got quite soaked. When he went upstairs and Tina helped him change into different shorts and an undershirt, he proclaimed: “Now I have to act like Papa”. That’s because I sleep in my undershirts and not a proper night-suit, he felt like Papa when he had to do that too.

Funny, funny.