Khwabon Ke Parindey

While watching a video on my computer, I had an eye opening realization. I was watching the video in a small browser window in the bottom right of the screen. While I was moving the window around so I could see some other stuff on the screen, I didn’t feel comfortable with one particular placement. The window was positioned so that the bottom edge of the video was exactly lined up with the edge of the monitor. I didn’t feel comfortable with that because I couldn’t see the boundaries of the window.

It suddenly flashed to me that this is how I approach everything in my life, be it technical problems or any thing else. Any problem I’m faced with, I have an instinctive urge to define its boundaries. If I can’t do that right away, I will try my best to understand the problem completely and constrain it to comprehensible boundaries first. I may start working on the solution but I will continue feeling uncomfortable.