Goodbye Gillie!


Gillie died today! The betta fish has been with us for about 8 months or more. Both of you were very fond of her, feeding her every day. But last few days she had just been lying down in her bowl and not eating much, if anything at all. Today she stopped breathing. Mom mentioned it to both of you and you were fine. You wanted to bury her when I got back home from work.

So I thought this was a perfect opportunity to teach you about separation of a loved one. Since you two were quite fine when Mom told you, I started talking to you (Avi) as I picked up the bowl and took it outside – that you had to write about her tomorrow that she was a good fish and we loved her. Suddenly, you (Avi) started crying and wouldn’t stop. I hugged you, Mom hugged you. And I tried to tell you that it’s ok, life goes on, you have to be strong etc. But I was thinking that I shouldn’t have mentioned all that and we would have been done with the burial without any incidents. Now we had you crying all through the burial. Akshna: you were fine, probably enjoying the age for not having to understand all that.

I also wondered about the difference between both of you. Both Mom and I think that you (Avi) is more emotional than Akshna. And I’m sure more differences will become apparent as you grow up.