funny commercials

2 funny commercials that never fail to give me a chuckle, no matter how many times I watch (both involving cars and kids)

The Ad That Changed Super Bowl Commercials Forever


“This doesn’t make any sense.”

There were a couple of bomb blasts at this year’s Boston Marathon. Among the 3 dead was an 8 year old boy. I heard his mother on radio. She was in despair and crying inconsolably. She said, “This doesn’t make any sense.”.

It struck to me to be the only thing one could say in that kind of situation. Losing someone that means life to you…it doesn’t make any sense. You lose the whole meaning of living. Someone who you can’t live without. And because of someone’s deranged mind, your whole life gets turned upside down. What do they get out of killing someone, who haven’t done you any harm?

I wish for those families who are impacted by this and numerous other thoughtless acts. I wish for them to somehow find a meaning to life, and carry on and make their and their loved ones’ lives better. I also wish to everyone to be safe and out of harm’s way. I also wish for our family to be safe and together, always.

Bird brain

Our drawing room overlooks the hills and has big glass windows and doors. Lately, a bird has taken a fancy to something inside and keeps hitting the glass while trying to fly in. Obviously the door and windows are closed, but it still keeps trying. I wonder what’s caught its fancy and why does it not realize that the glass is blocking any chance of him/her entering (I think it’s a he).

I tried propping a cushion from inside to block his view. He was quite for a little while but started hitting above the cushion after a few minutes. If I see him continue tomorrow, I’m going to try out a few more experiments to see if I can get him to stop the madness (or whatever ideas his bird brain has)