Last night as I put you to bed and was folding your clothes to put back in closet, I found some pieces of M&Ms in your pant pocket. As I dug them out, I had an instant smile on and my heart was filled with pleasure. It just felt so amazing as I imagined you procuring those pieces of candy from somewhere (probably coaxing your mother to buy from a candy machine) and the pleasure it might have given you at that time to be the proud owner of those. And then you saved that treasure in your pocket which holds all kinds of things that you want to cherish over again sometime in near future. And then running around as you found something interesting, you forgot about that until next time when you put your hands in pocket – with immense joy as you as you come across the buried and forgotten treasure. I went through all the joys of childhood in those few minutes and I hope you go through those as well as you grow up everyday.

I put them back in your pocket hoping to be with you when you put your hands in there…

IMG_7132 IMG_1049