music that has enough space for other people to hang their emotions on

While listening to ‘The Bone Collector – OST’ by Craig Armstrong, I
was mesmerized by the music and it got me thinking. How does somebody
feel when creating such music? I was trying to imagine the process
that this guy goes through when he composes a soundtrack. Kinda like
when we work on a new project through completion but very very
different. I imagined him sitting in a room filled with instruments
and consoles with his eyes closed and following a rhythm in his
mind…I imagined him sitting in front of his electric piano and
writing some notes as he played with his one hand. And then I imagined
him doing some intense editing on his Mac. Of course, I can’t discount
the countless number of people who must work very very hard in the
background to follow this guy’s lead and fill the space up.

And my reverence for this guy grew when I read that he worked with
Massive Attack on some of their albums and a solo artist with their
record label.

There were some places where I compared all that with my work. I guess
you have to be very good at what you do. So as I look at the first
spec documents to understand the project and try to focus all the
details into one single thought that guides me through the whole
lifecycle. As I hold that one thread and unravel the complete mystery
while my vision and thought process becomes clearer and clearer. And
as multiple challenges come up during the lifecycle, all I have to do
is hold on to that main thread and draw some more threads from these
challenges as they arise and then bind these together in a string…

*some of his recent works get pushed in my wish